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The Supreme Administrative Court set the date of December 16, 2006 to release its final verdict on the issue of registering the Bahā’ī faith in official documents in Egypt.
Sāmih Fawzī writes about Takfīr and Rose al- Yūsuf, questioning the role of the Islamic Research Academy. Fawzī highlights the phenomena of recorded tapes that put national unity under threat as they encourage religious discrimination and call for supporting mujāhids.
Following the mixed public reaction to the recent statements made by the Egyptian minister of culture, Fārūq Husnī, on the Ḥijāb, the People’s Assembly’s committees for Religious Affairs and Culture and Media held an emergency meeting on Sunday to discuss the issue. In an attempt to...
The head of the Egyptian Writers’ Union, Muhammad Salmāwī, revealed a surprise when he announced that Najīb Mahfūz’s banned novel ’Children of the Alley’ would be published within weeks.
The author inquires about Shaykh Ahmad al-Tayyib’s travels to Tehran and his reasons.
A number of Bahā’īs respond to the State Commissioner Authority’s report that considered them murtad. The article stresses how the Bahā’īs will appeal this decree in an attempt to gain equal status as Egyptian citizens.
Hilmī al-Nimnim answers October’s rumor about the Azhar preventing a book from being published.
Egyptian Culture Minister Fārūq Husnī has been dismissed following his comments of disapproval about the hijāb and niqāb.
The review deals with Minister of Culture Fārūq Husnī’s latest remarks in which he termed the Ḥijāb to be "a relapse backward," drawing public controversy and anger in parliament where the ruling party, the opposition and independents agreed on the need to have the minister tender his...
This review, in the context of ramifications from the culture minister’s controversial statements on the Ḥijāb, discusses various opinions on whether the Ḥijāb is a religious obligation and how such controversial discussions should be tackled by society, religious and political bodies...


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