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Egyptian sources state that the Islamic Research Institute referred the book of “Wasaya fi Eshq Al-Nisaa” [commandments on loving women] to the police department of crimes of publishing which means that a legal action may be taken against the book and its author.
The Azhar delivered a strong strike to the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and the Book Organization affiliated to it. A few days after the Ministry and the organization gave credit to the book of the poet Ahmed Al-Shahawi titled “Wasaya fi Eshq Al-Nisaa” [Commandments on Loving Women], the Islamic...
The Administrative Judiciary Court accepted a lawsuit by Said Muhammad Hassan against the Sheikh of Al Azhar. The court permitted the publication of his three books that the Islamic Research Institute rejected.
The article is an interview with poet Ahmed Al-Shahawi, the author of the controversial book “Commandments Concerning Loving Women.” The book is believed to defame Islam and was referred by the head of the Book Organization to an Azhar committee to examine it. He defends his book against the...
The author comments on the attitude of Dr. Samir Sarhan, head of the Book Organization [hay’et el-kitab], towards the crisis around poet Ahmed Al-Shahawi’s book “Commandments Concerning Loving Women.” Sarhan withdrew the book from the market as it is believed to defame religion. He ordered it to be...
The author has made an interview with Dr. ‘Alī Mabrouk on the confiscation of his research on Islamic theology.
The article comments on the danger of unauthorized religious books that are promoted in streets around mosques. The author believes that such books threaten Islamic culture.
The article is an interview with the Sheikh of the Azhar. He comments on the Arab Culture Conference, secularism, martyrdom operations, the role of the Islamic Research Institute in supervising religious books and the Azhar missions to Europe and the US.
The Islamic Research Institute began following up Internet sites that attack Islam in order to respond to misinformation being published about Islam. The General Secretary of the Institute asked Muslims who use the Internet to inform the institute if they come across any site of that kind.
The author believes that banning religious books is “dirty detective” work that should not be practiced by sheikhs.


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