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The article praises a court ruling repealing a previous ruling that gave Egypt’s nearly 1000 Bahā’īs the right to have their faith registered in official documents, with opinions by intellectuals that Bahā’ism is not a religion and that the only religions recognized in Egypt are the divine...
Recent studies reveal that the majority of Internet websites and religious satellite channels focus on theology, but fail to address vital issues in Muslims’ lives.
In Eastern Sudan, a Muslim girl has married a Christian boy, based on a fatwa given by Shaykh al- Turābī, general secretary of the Sudanese National Conference Party.
Dr. Ahmad al-Tayib, president of the Azhar University announced that the university’s council has decided to inaugurate a new faculty in the department of law and sharī‘a in order to teach its subjects in the English language.
The deteriorating standard of al-Azhar graduates, who work as mosque preachers came to the point of the issuing of perplexing fatwas and the fumbling for the right Islamic law.
Her Royal Highness Princess Basma spoke about discrimination against women at a conference where studies were presented about the rights, privileges and freedoms guaranteed to Muslim women in the Sharia.


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