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A master’s dissertation on “The Literary Stamp of al-Qaradāwī’s Discourse” by Sayyid Ibrāhīm Sayyid has highlighted the role of Islamic discourse in countering anti-Islamic campaigns and correcting false perceptions about religion.
‘Abd al-Rāziq, professor of sharī‘a and theology at the Dār al-‘Uloum says that his study of the names of Allāh has taken two years of immense research of over 50 encyclopedias comprising 20,000 books. He elaborated that many of the names of Allāh are not among the 99 attributes of God, known to...
In the Student Union elections of this year in the Egyptian Universities the extremists lost. The moderate current won the elections in all the faculties with the exception of the faculty of Medicine, where the religious current won 25% of the positions. Extremists no longer control the Faculty of...
This article deals with the struggle between those students who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood and those who don’t at the Faculty of Humanities at Cairo University, and the recent attack on the drama team by Muslim Brotherhood students.
Dr. Mustafa Imam is transferred. The escalation of the confrontation between the Sheikh Al-Azhar and his opponents continues.
The Azhar University is currently carrying out a study to reply to the allegations of sectarianism, said Sheikh of theAzhar Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi.
A heated confrontation took place between the Sheikh of the Azhar and Dr. Mustafa Imam, professor in the Faculty of Arabic Language at the Azhar University, during a press conference held by the Sheikh last Tuesday.
Today four Azhar scholars are to stand in front of the disciplinary committee for the staff of the Azhar university and may face dismissal.
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