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In the context of our round of introduction, which was shortly interrupted by tea and coffee, a discussion about the roots of Christian spirituality in Egypt, the church’s crisis in Europe especially among young people and Islam emerged.
  Eng. Khayrat al-Shātir, deputy of the MB’s murshid (Guide), said that Egyptian youth are affected by the Western ideologies and culture and are moving far from the Islamic model.
In Shubrā, Muslims and Christians united against the Constitution.
The civil state proponents achieved a remarkable victory inside the constituent assembly drafting a new constitution for Egypt, successfully obtaining the abolition of several articles that clash with the principles of citizenship and equality.
The Jamā’ah Islāmīyah (Islamic Group) rejected the text of Article 2 of the Constitution and called on the constituent assembly drafting a new constitution for Egypt to omit the word ‘principles’ of the sharī’ah, threatening to take to the streets and urge the people to refuse the constitution if...
The state of Brunei announced that it will implement Islamic Sharī’ah temporarily in the country starting from Sunday. 
Dr. Mahmūd ‘Azab, the advisor of the Azhar Shaykh denied rumors the Azhar requested the application of the “hirāba law” (Islamic law demanding the amputation of the limbs) on those who are convicted in terrorist attacks (Ayā Fathī, al- Dustūr, Jan. 31, p. 6 ). Read original text in Arabic.  


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