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The article discusses the questions surrounding article two of the Constitution, and who has the authority to call for its amendment. The author wonders who has the right to speak on behalf of the Copts.
Article two of the Egyptian Constitution is not subject to the proposed constitutional amendments. It is, however, the main subject of heated arguments and discussions in Egyptian society. A debate was held at The American University in Cairo [AUC] about the proposed amendments.
Iqbāl al-Sa‘dāwī discusses the Ḥadd of Riddah and when it should be applied in Islām.
‘Ādil Jindī sheds light on Egyptian statesmen’s ‘perplexing’ statements concerning the second article of the Egyptian Constitution, which designates the principles of the Islamic Sharī‘ah as the main source of legislation. The author discusses the impact of this article on the political situation...
A controversial book is released during the Christmas period denouncing Christians as apostates who can legitimately be killed.
Mubārak’s constitutional amendments have revealed the separation between the executive power, the legislative and the judicial authorities, which are meant to be the bedrock of the modern Egyptian state, and the real interest groups.
The spokesman of the Coptic Orthodox Church declares that the Coptic problem does not lie in article two of the Constitution, but in the manner in which this article can be applied or interpreted. Justice implies specifying Islamic Sharī‘ah as “a” main source of legislation rather than “the” main...
The author rejects the slogan that political Islām movements lift which says, ‘Islam is the solution.’ He believes that Islām without mind or science will not be enough to realize the long-waited progress of Islamic societies.
Egyptian security forces recently launched a massive drive against leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, since group-related students gave a military style rally in the Azhar University a few months ago [AWR, week 51, 2006, article 26]. Members of the group say that the crackdown aims at removing the...
‘Ahl al-Sunnah wa-al-Jamā‘ah’ [The Majority of Muslims] have been the majority of the Islamic nation in all times and in every place.


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