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Jamāl al-Bannā is a highly knowledgeable man who stands up in the face of practices aimed at repressing freedom of thought. He is, consequently, targeted by fundamentalists and extremists, and has been rejected by the Muslim Brotherhood, set up by his late elder brother Hasan al-Bannā.
Jamāl al-Banna’s book Jawāz Imāmit al-Mar’a [the legality of women leading prayers] debates many issues, especially that of gender equality in Islam. He uses Dr. Amīna Wadoud leading men and women in prayers [in New York], as an example [for Muslim women].
The book Jawāz Imāmit al-Mar’a [the legality of women leading prayers], by Jamāl al-Banna, raises many questions for the reader.
Gamal Al-Banna is the brother of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. However close he got to the Brotherhood, he did not integrate into their group. He tried to establish a new Islamic strategy that is fit for the 21st century. He claimed that his call for Islamic revival does not evolve in the...
Gamal Al-Banna says that he has not denied the Sunna, but what he has been asking for is to purify the Hadiths from all that is untrue and fabricated. He recently claimed that 90% of the Hadiths are not true and do not agree with the Qur’an. Dr. Yahia Ismael says the Al-Banna has not the right...
The scholars of Al-Azhar harshly criticized Gamal Al-Banna for his opinions about the Hadiths and the necessity to establish new jurisprudence.


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