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The author reports on the banned book, ‘Al-I‘jāz al-‘Ilmī fī al-Kītāb al-Muqaddas’ [Scientific Miracles of the Bible], which explains the scientific facts and discoveries in the Bible.
Dr. Zaghlūl al-Najjār accuses Coptic Orthodox clergymen of forcing Muslims to convert and declares that the Bible was distorted. The Coptic Orthodox Church responded denouncing Zaghlūl’s allegations.
Majdī Khalīl mentions some of the situations where Muslims have attacked Christians, Jews and the West and questions who should apology to whom over such incidents.
The author articulates some basic rules of interfaith dialogue, which he asserts should be followed by all parties.
The scientific inimitability of the Qur’ān harms Islam more than it benefits it.
Claims about Muslim Brotherhood members in the Bar Association using the syndicate’s money to their benefit.
The author criticizes Professor Zaghloul al-Najār’s continued attacks on Copts, underlining that his statements underestimate Christianity and threaten to fracture national unity in Egypt.
This article by Dr. Zaghloul al-Najjār is the response to an article by Rev. Rif‘at Fikrī Sa‘īd critiquing Dr. al-Najjār’s interpretation of the Bible.
The religious television show "Nour Ala Nour" [part of a verse from the Qur’an. Lit: light on light], presented many religious figures, such as, Mahmoud Shaltout and Mohammed Mitwalli Al-Sha’arawi, who was discovered by Ahmed Farrag, the show’s host. Farrag discovered another scholar, namely Prof....


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