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The problem is that everybody is talking about the correct version of Islam without really knowing what correct Islam is, in other words an Islam that goes in line with the manners of our age and the latter’s way of thinking.
The Qur´an and the true sunna are the only reference points that Muslims should abide by. Each of them must be treated as a whole unit. When discussing the opinion of the Qur´an concerning a certain issue, all verses dealing with that issue should be taken into account. Partial...
Certain parties have managed to dominate the minds of some Europeans and bring them into a state of genuine panic about losing their national identity at the hands of what they called the Islamic cultural invasion. This has been one effective result of the boycott against Denmark following the...
A discussion of homosexuality and Egyptian law taken from a bachelor’s thesis on Egyptian law.
Ramadān al-Bīh argues that the declaration of Islamic opinions and fatwas should be left in the hands of Muslim scholars who have wide knowledge of the Islamic sharī‘a.
Qutb’s ideology was the driving force for many Islamic groups, some of whom, such as al-Takfīr Wa al-Hijra, have gone to extremes.
The full text of Dr. ‘Abd al-Mu‘tī Bayyoumī’s response to the 30 questions Drs. Cornelis Hulsman sent him concerning the second article of the Egyptian constitution.
The author suggests that extremists twist religious texts to suit their own aims.
The author argues that the radical changes that Saudi Arabic has witnessed over the past three decades have contributed to a religious and cultural crisis, marked by a failure to interact with modernity.
Dr. Mahmoud Hamdy Zaqzouq, Minister of Awqaf [Religious Endowments], emphasized the necessity of renewing religious discourse as compelled by changing times. He clarified that this renewal does not touch on the fundamentals of faith, but concerns matters that require progressive vision.


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