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The article talks about the chaos of Fatwás being issued on TV by a number of unofficial Muftīs. It also mentions the statement of the Islamic Research Academy regarding these Fatwás which marks the end of the satellite Fatwás.
A new Islamic satellite channel launched five months ago is said to be successful with the people, but is also criticized by scholars for promoting extremist salafist ideas.
In an attempt to quench the uproar over his recent fatwá that appeared to allow the killing of Israeli Jews worldwide, Muslim dā‘īyah Shaykh Safwat Hijāzī, explains in two interviews with Sawt al-Ummah and al-Wafd that his fatwá should only be carried out during wartime.
The article deals with the security interference in the selection of preachers for mosques, citing a letter signed by a police major general prohibiting Dr. Safwat Hijāzī from delivering sermons in mosques after he gave a fatwá allowing the killing of Israeli tourists.
A few days ago Muslim dā‘īyah, Dr. Safwat Hijāzī, issued a fatwá urging Muslims to declare war against Israeli civilians worldwide. The fatwá was severely condemned by the Azhar, the highest religious institution in the Muslim world, as incorrect and terrorist in nature.
The author says that Islam is nothing but faith and sharī‘a [Islamic law], and therefore criticizes those preachers who preach about ‘unseen things’, which is, frankly speaking, not proved by prophetic traditions and stories.
Ramadan [holiest month of Muslim calendar, when fasting is observed] is like a high season for sheikhs when they are to be found everywhere you look.
Safwat Higazi is now the sheikh favored by all members of the upper class. He goes to their houses to deliver his fatwas and he is working to become a substitute for Amr Khaled. Higazy represents no real threat to the new preacher. Now is his chance to occupy the scene in the coming days.
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