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The article is based on an interview with the well-known cleric Khālid al-Jindī.
A new Islamic satellite channel launched five months ago is said to be successful with the people, but is also criticized by scholars for promoting extremist salafist ideas.
Al-Wafd newspaper interviews Islamic preacher Khalīd al- Jindī, who rejects claims that he is one of a group of modern Islamic preachers because he wears western dress.
‘Amr Khālid is a young Egyptian Islamic preacher who has gained huge popularity in the Arab world in recent years. The author criticizes ‘Amr Khālid’s stance towards the Israeli aggression on Lebanon.
A cassette tape which attacks Christians and writers is being sold on the streets.
Bishop Marqus sent a reply to the Muslim preacher Khālid al-Jindī regarding al-Jindī’s interview with journalist Hānī Rizk in Sawt al-Umma newspaper.
Khālid al-Jundī refutes the accusations by Bishop Marqus of Shubra al-Khayma that he incites hatred against Copts.
The Bishop of Shubrā al-Khayma protests against the discrimination against the Christians in Egypt and blames the media for it.
TV program "Al-Rahman Alaam Al-Qur´an" [The Merciful teaches the Qur´an] presented by Sheikh Muhammad Hidaya brings to the surface the issue of “Show preachers.” Because of the many mistakes Hidaya communicates in the program, the Azhar demands that only Azhar graduates should be hosted...
Critique of Christian journalist Mufid Fawzy because he allegedly called for the necessity of changing the Islamic religious discourse and hounded sheikhs Amr Khaled and Khaled Al-Gendi on satellite channels.
Dr. Muhammad Mugahed and Sheikh Khalid El-Gindi said that whoever does not believe in Muhammad as a prophet is a kafar [unbeliever], whether he is a polytheist, Jew or Christian. The author wonders what the reaction of a Christian youth who was thinking about committing a martyrdom operation in...
Māhir Hassan claims that Khālid al-Jindī, the well-known dā‘iya, is making huge sums of money from the private fatwa business.
Ramadan [holiest month of Muslim calendar, when fasting is observed] is like a high season for sheikhs when they are to be found everywhere you look.
‘Amr Adīb, Jindī said during an interview with Orbit channel that if he had his own way and would stand in the shoes of some senior state official, he would ban nearly half of the songs of Umm Kulthoum [a late popular Egyptian singer] due to their “libertine” lyrics.
Khaled El Guindi dealt with story of the sheikh who allegedly seduced monaqabate [Muslim women wearing a niqab] in two completely contradicting approaches. He told me that he was furious over what the sheikh did. But he changed his words when he was faced with an audience and readers: He...
Sheikh Khalid Al-Gindi said that the Islamic telephone line service was halal and that the Sheikh of Azhar said that the service was a good and permissible activity. He added that Amr Khalid was a phenomenon worth studying and that those who criticize him could not criticize a belly dancer.
Sheikh Khalid Al-Gindi said that he was proud of the fact that he made many former actresses wear the veil, stressing that there was no contradiction between the veil and acting as the veil is a religious duty, and acting is not a sin. He added that it was not strange to send his daughters to the...
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