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Yūsuf Islām has started to sing again in an attempt to bridge the gap between the civilizations.
The Islamic singing business and its gains that reached twelve million Egyptian pounds. Islamic sources asserted that Islamic singing began thirty years ago and it was allowed according to certain conditions.
Suddenly, the Islamic songs are competing with rhythmic pop songs on satellite channels. The Islamic song is no longer confined to reciting only. It is full of music; it is computer processed; and it is produced and directed as a professional and contemporary video clip.
A member of the Islamic Research Institute submitted a memorandum to the Follow-Up Committee – which is affiliated with the Institute – concerning a program broadcasted on Cairo Radio in which the host invited a singer who called for composing music for the verses of the Qur’ān.
Among the most beautiful names of God, Egyptians pray to Al-Rahman [The Beneficent], Al-Rahīm [The Merciful], Al-Halīm [The Forbearing One]. Yet, they never forget Al-Muntaqim [The Avenger] and Al-Qawīy [The Most Strong].
A British Rap team of seven young men calling themselves "The Soldiers of God" do not introduce themselves as a singing team but as a group searching for a savior for the collapsed Islamic nation. All their songs, which do not lack a note of extremism, are about Islam and its history.
Lebanese intellectuals organized a meeting in support of Lebanese singer and composer Marcel Khalifeh on 5 October, which rapidly turned into a mass rally of 1,500 people demonstrating in favor of freedom of expression. Khalifeh had been the object of a court indictment accusing him of...
Senior Lebanese Shiites on Monday demanded the lifting of a Sunni Muslim ban on a song by leading performer Marcel Khalife, accused last week of insulting Islam.
The head of Lebanon’s Sunni Muslim community has said he was behind moves to put musician Marcel Khalife on trial for "abasing" Islam in one of his songs, a London-based Arabic-language daily reported Sunday.
A prominent Lebanese composer and singer has been formally accused by an investigating judge of insulting Islam. Judge Abdul Rahman Shihab demanded the imprisonment Marcel Khalife from six months to three years for (allegedly) insulting religious rituals by using the chapter of Yusif from the Holy...
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