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Mahmūd ‘Āmir lashes out at Muslim preacher, ‘Amr Khālid, for his "misleading" comments about worship.
The author of this article continues his criticism of the incorrect interpretations and information given by ‘Amr Khālid in his speeches.
Mahmūd ‘Āmir states some of ‘Amr Khalid’s irrelevant and wrong comments in his religious discourse.
Superstition and swindling is obvious in the teachings of Amr Khālid. He is a mere narrator, who perfects the art of acting in his address. According to the author this is not religion.Old scholars warn of narration in the name of religion.
In an attempt to curb the sea of fatwas, the Azhar has recently submitted a proposal to the People’s Assembly, in which it called for introducing legislation to criminalize the issuance of fatwas by unqualified Muslim scholars, Muhammad Khalīl writes.
‘Amr Khālid, the social reformer as he prefers to call himself, is a new product of the interaction between Islamization, globalization and privatization. Patrick Hinny scrutinizes the phenomenal reformer who has become widely popular around the Arab and Muslim world.
The author says that Islam is nothing but faith and sharī‘a [Islamic law], and therefore criticizes those preachers who preach about ‘unseen things’, which is, frankly speaking, not proved by prophetic traditions and stories.
In an interview with al-Dustour, Egyptian preacher, ‘Amr Khālid, unveils an initiative to instill moral values and ethics into young people in the Arab and Muslim worlds.
A cassette tape which attacks Christians and writers is being sold on the streets.
The article investigates the connections and ties between young Muslim dā‘īya ‘Amr Khālid and a Jewish American journalist called Samantha M. Shapiro, who is known for her pro-Israel stance and fanaticism against the Palestinians, according to the author.


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