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The author thinks that Dā‘iya ‘Amr Khālid has managed to attract the West’s attention, while the Egyptian government, the opposition parties and other political currents are engaged in a useless row. She sheds light on a recent New York Times’ report on the dā‘iya entitled, "Offer a helping...
The article focuses on young Egyptian Muslim televangelist ‘Amr Khālid, the position he enjoys among young Egyptians, particularly women, and his new ways of leading a decent life and career while avoiding getting entangled in sin, a style which appeals to his large Muslim audience.
Bishop Marqus sent a reply to the Muslim preacher Khālid al-Jindī regarding al-Jindī’s interview with journalist Hānī Rizk in Sawt al-Umma newspaper.
Khālid al-Jundī refutes the accusations by Bishop Marqus of Shubra al-Khayma that he incites hatred against Copts.
The Bishop of Shubrā al-Khayma protests against the discrimination against the Christians in Egypt and blames the media for it.
The article criticizes young dā‘iya ‘Amr Khālid and the way young people idealize him.
In this interview, Dr. Yousuf al-Qaradāwī stresses the importance of the dialogue between religions and expresses his dissatisfaction with the current condition of the Azhar.
The author highlights the different approaches in Da‘wa [preaching] applied by modern and traditional preachers, refering to the crisis of the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad as an example.
Dr. al-Mat‘anī, a scholar of the Azhar, the top Sunni organization in the Muslim world, has criticized Dā‘īya cAmr Khālid who went to Denmark for dialogue with Danish figures to explain the genuine traditions of Islam, terming the initiative "hasty and random."
A letter published by Rose al-Yousuf and sent by one of the young men who joined ‘Amr Khālid’s Sunnā‘ al-Hayāh casts doubt on the well-known preacher’s integrity.


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