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The recent Copenhagen conference, organized by Muslim preacher, ‘Amr Khālid, has come under severe criticism from many clerics in the Arab and Muslim world. Accusations of receiving foreign funds and breaking the momentum of the Muslim nation’s awakening for the sake of Denmark followed.
The review examines different opinions about the visit of Muslim dā‘īya [a person who calls for Islam] cAmr Khālid to Denmark and his conference there to establish dialogue with the Danes about Islam and the need to reach an understanding between the West and Muslim nations.
The conference held in Denmark over the offensive Danish cartoons called for by the young controversial dā‘iya cAmr Khālid has created different reactions in the West and the Islamic world.
Al-Ahrām al-‘Arabī conducted an interview with Philippe Coste, the French ambassador to Cairo, on the stance of France towards inter-cultural dialogue.
Amid growing anger in the Muslim world over the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, views have differed on whether it is the right time for Muslims to enter into dialogue with Denmark on freedom of expression and respect for religions. This press review highlights the opinions of two...
The article is an interview with Amr Khaled. He speaks about his life before becoming a preacher. He comments on the criticism leveled against him as one of the modern Islamic preachers and gives his opinions concerning different religious issues.
The writer comments on statements of the Minister of Endowments to Al-Musawwar concerning his opinion of Amr Khaled. The author believes that the minister of endowments understood the truth about Khaled and that was why he did not hesitate to disclose him. However, this disclosure came very late.
The Minister of Endowments said that he asked the Prime Minister to change the name of his ministry to “The Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs.” The minister attacked modern Islamic preachers, including Amr Khaled. He said these preachers have launched a war against the ministry through the...
The author comments on what he calls the “latest fashion” among modern Islamic preachers: specialization in a particular field, such as family-related issues, sexual problems, nutrition or even medicine. The author believes that this new trend is part of a plan to infiltrate all facets of life. At...
The article is an overview of a reportage published in the French magazine “Le Express” about the Islam of the Egyptian high class.


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