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The article is an overview of an article published in the French magazine Le Express about the Islam of the Egyptian high class. The magazine comments that the life of this class is scattered between the West and Arab culture and that this class cannot specify its direction in the light of the...
Islamic web sites have succeeded lately in attracting a great percentage of Egyptian youth. They consider such sites a substitute for the new preachers. Many of the Egyptian youth have a strong connection with them. Thus when these preachers left Egypt, they caused psychical disorders for the youth...
The author comments on the attitudes of certain sheikhs of the Azhar towards some modern Islamic preachers. He gives examples to illustrate that some sheikhs arranged schemes for preachers in an effort to get rid of them.
Some Westerners who converted to Islam use music and songs to preach Islam and to change its tarnished image in the West.
The author comments on an article by Ayda Al-Gohari titled “The phenomenon of Amr Khalid…the preacher of rich people who look for a meaning [in life].” He believes that the analysis of Ayda is dominated by a secular, Marxist point of view – which led her to concentrate on the effect of the...
The author comments on the audience of Amr Khaled, most of which are rich people. She believes that the aristocratic social background of Khaled affects both his discourse and the audience he chooses to preach to. Khaled tries to make of richness a way to religiousness.
The Lebanese government has revoked the residency permit of Amr Khalid for unclear reasons. However, considering the fact that Khalid has been presenting a program via Iqra channel in which he attacks the US, may explain the decision of the government.
Translation but not mentioned if summarized or not. Could it be a summarized translation? Answer yes or no   
The author criticizes Rose El-Youssef and its article on Iqra channel. He wonders what harm a religious channel or a Qur’an radio station imposes upon the advocates of the ideas of the magazine.
The author gives an overview of a study by researcher Dina Al-Khawaga on Iqra channel. The study is titled “Iqra Channel between Wahabism and Market Economy.” The author believes that the channel is a pulpit for extremism.


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