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TV program "Al-Rahman Alaam Al-Qur´an" [The Merciful teaches the Qur´an] presented by Sheikh Muhammad Hidaya brings to the surface the issue of “Show preachers.” Because of the many mistakes Hidaya communicates in the program, the Azhar demands that only Azhar graduates should be hosted...
The author advises Muslim youth on how to help their brothers in Iraq and Palestine. He believes that the war on Iraq is not the only crisis the Islamic umma [nation] is going through these days. He elaborates on the Qur´anic verse “Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people...
The Grand Imam of the Azhar notified the minister of information and the head of the board of trustees of the Radio and Television Union that the TV program presented by Sheikh Muhammad Hidaya lacks true information and does not help in spreading tolerant Islamic culture. He demanded that the...
The author believes that presenting new preachers is an industry that has an economic side to it. One of the new preachers that is being presented is Sheikh Safwat Hegazy. People close to Hegazy claim that Amr Khaled used to attend his lessons before he became famous.
The preaching of Amr Khalid is close to that of old preachers. However, because of the difference in appearance, language and style, people turn their backs to old preachers and are attracted to Amr Khaled
Sheikh Amr Khaled comments on his way of preaching and the relation between Islam and the West. Full Text The Islamic preacher Amr Khaled affirmed that there is a great gap between Muslims and the West.
The Sheikh of the Azhar and other senior sheikhs voice their opinions on modern preacher, Sheikh Amr Khaled.
Arab satellite channels decided not to host Amr Khaled in their programs. The Saudi newspaper Al-Watan reports that there is Western pressure behind the decision.
Interview with the head of the Azhar Fatwa Committee concerning the work of the committee and some of the controversial fatwas he issued. He also gives his opinion on modern Islamic preachers
The author says that he has never hated Jews as he did after watching the TV series “Merriam Al-Maqdasia” that has been aired by Lebanese channel Al-Mannar. He wishes that the series may be aired by the Egyptian TV. He also criticizes Coptic journalist Mufid Fawzy for discussing Islamic issues.


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