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A group of veiled women wearing face covers distribute extremist audio tapes in the women’s section of the metro in generous quantities. "Muslims should be ready for the confrontation with the Christians before the Christians attack us" is the message.
Sheikh Sha’arawi was the foremost television preacher and was able to influence millions. Sha’arawi’s aim was to maintain traditional religious values in society through convincing people to adhere to these values. The authors believe he died at a time that the tide of religious conservatism may...
Sheik Abdallah Ben Manie’-member of the committee for senior scholars answers about the correct method of training for preachers and questions whether or not the Muslims have fulfilled their obligation towards dawa (Islamic mission.)
Despite the decree issued by Dr. Hamdi Zakzouk, the Minister of Religious Endowments, that regulates the appointment of preachers many unqualified people are still preaching in mosques around the country. Examples are given.


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