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Subtitle:Will I convert from Islam? A serious confession - our Islam is about to collapseEl- Muslimun of July 18 laments that Muslims exert much effort to get Christians to say the Islamic creed, but once they are Muslim, very little is done to help the new converts. Several examples of converts’...
The Djibouti minister of Islamic affairs, Dr. Mogueh Dirir, said in this interview with al-Liwā’ al-Islāmī newspaper that Jewish and Christian missionary campaigns were targeting many parts in the African continent in the absence of significant Muslim activities and indifference about the da‘...
The author notes how officials have tried to use Islamic preaching in mosques to confront the huge public support for Hasan Nasr Allāh, the leader of the Hizb Allāh. He reports on different reactions to this order.
A collection of quotes from journalists and leading political, academic and religious figures on subjects to do with religious identity, Muslim and Christian relations, Islam in society and Islamic preaching.
An interview with Michael Munīr, member of the Republican Party in the U.S. and controversial Coptic activist who is visiting Egypt.
The author discusses the spread of Coptic posters and missionary groups in the subway, warning against this dangerous phenomenon.
The author criticizes the Minister of Endowment’s decisions to nationalize the call to prayer, optional prayers during Ramadān and religious discourse.
A woman wearing a Niqāb gets into the train and utters invocations to Allah, asking passengers to repeat what she said. This phenomenon is becoming increasingly common.
Muhammad Rabī‘a discusses the growing phenomenon of ‘militias’ of men and women accusing people of unbelief and criticizing their dress on the public transport system.
The article reports on the lawsuit of Shaykh ‘Abd al-Sabour al- Kāshif who is accused of despising Islamic faith and cherishing heretical ideologies.


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