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Al-Azhar Professor of Comparative Jurisprudence, Dr. Saʿd al- Hilālī said that any fatwa issued on equality in inheritance between man and woman is binding only to the one who decides to implement it.
Gunmen believed to be members of the Boko Haram group attacked on Monday a Dilli Village in the north-east of Nigeria, near the border with Cameroon killing dozens of villagers causing material losses. 
Dr. Shawqī ‘Allām, Mufti of Egypt, denounced ISIS’ demolition and desecration of the shrines of the prophets in Iraq, the most recent of which was the demolition of the tomb of the Prophet Yūnis. He stated that this is an assault on the sanctity of the prophets. 
Presided by the Coptic Orthodox Archbishop of Shubra al-Khayma, Bishop Murquṣ, and for the first time, a liturgical Mass was celebrated in the house of one of the Egyptian Christians working in the ultra-conservative Islamic monarchy. This is the first liturgical mass to be performed in Saudi-...
Grand Imām Dr. Shaykh Ahmad al- Tayyib head of the Azhar stated that the Custodian of the Two Holy Places, King ‘Abd ‘Allah Ibn Abd al- ‘Azīz al- Saūd is a wise and experienced leader who is alert to the conspiracies that is arranged from forces of evil to Arab and Muslim countries
The religious establishment denounced what had been shared about the fatwá of al- Nūr party that prohibit buying the certificates of Suez Canal as a form of ribā (interest) that is considered harām  (religiously prohibited.)
There are several demands from Azhar Scholars, Salafīs and Sufīs to implement the “Had al- Hirābah” (an Islamic law that leads to the amputation of limbs for those who engage in thuggery).
Zakariyyā 'Abd al-'Azīz, first general attorney at the Cairo appellate instance, decided to postpone the trial of dancer Samā al-Masrī until she had sent her lawyer. A lawsuit has  been filed against her accusing her of disrupting public order with video clips during the era of Mursī which was...
The Independent has opened a discussion that has led to a strife pertaining to moving the tomb of Prophet Muhammad. 
The secretary of fatwá in Dār al- Iftā, Dr. Magdy Ashūr stated that its is incorrect to generalize the chat fatwá without asking the specialized sheikhs about it.


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