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The State Department has designated China, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar and Sudan as countries of particular concern for violations of religious freedom, making them liable for U.S. diplomatic and economic sanctions, spokesman James Rubin said Wednesday.
Many Islamic scholars question the value of artistic films. Many of them reject the representation of a sheikhh or ma’azun [marriage official] on the screen. Others, however, want to use the film as a means to spread Islam.
The article of brother Sabri Al-Ashwah "Nasr Abu Zeid is an apostate" included several historical, religious, lawful and moral mistakes. These mistakes include remarks concerning Imam Abu Hanifa Al-No’man. The author continues to refute al-Ashwah’s arguments.
Undeterred by charges of blasphemy that could land him in jail, singer Marcel Khalifa on Tuesday publicly sang the controversial song that critics claim insults Islam.
Senior Lebanese Shiites on Monday demanded the lifting of a Sunni Muslim ban on a song by leading performer Marcel Khalife, accused last week of insulting Islam.
An Islamic organization is helping poor South African students to attend university free of charge. It is expected most of them will convert to Islam. The ratio of blacks coming to Islam compared to whites with the same effort is one to 200.
Parliament Speaker Abdul Hadi Majali on Monday promised to take into consideration women’s demands to eliminate crimes of honor by amending legislation that permits males to kill their female relatives for illicit behavior.
This Freedom from Religious Persecution Act gives America the right to interfere in diplomatic ways to the concerned governments and if a government does not respond, it is the right of the U.S. administration to impose any sanctions that it (the U.S.) sees fit. The author stresses that several...
[Letter to the editor ] Thanks to the courageous work of human rights activists and the ordinary Jordanian citizen, who consciously and persistently have spoken out and condemned the horrible injustices inflicted upon women in our society, the campaign against " crimes of honor " in Jordan is...
His Majesty King Abdullah’s advisor on Islamic affairs called for amendments to the penal code which they believe encourages men to kill female relatives for involvement - real or suspected - in illicit relationships.


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