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The fate of the new Personal Status Law depended over the last few days on the juridical approval of Sheikh Al-Azhar, Dr. Mohammed Sayed Tantawi. The law was amended in a series of meetings of the Jurisprudence Research Committee affiliated to Mogamma` Al-Buhouth Al-Islameyya (Islamic Research...
In the small village of Atmeda in Dakhalia governorate, a battle of wills erupted a couple of weeks ago between Amal Shafique Abdullah, the new dean of Al-Azhar Institute for Girls, and the village people, led by the league of Al-Azhar scholars who oppose her appointment because she is a woman.
Dr. Nasr Farid confirmed that the call for the renewal of [Islamic] jurisprudence is a useless call because since is no need for that. He said that Islamic jurisprudence is flexible and can deal with all the issues of the age.
Many young people are coming to believe that Urfi marriage is the only legitimate alternative to premarital sex, which is condemned as sinful. Mohamed Sayed Tantawi, the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar, called upon the government to ban Urfi marriages at a Fair seminar last week, saying that "these...
The well-known director of the Ibn Khaldoun Institute sees the government has taken a few positive steps to improve the situation of the Copts.
After the passage of more than 20 years since the first attempt at issuing a unified Personal Status Law binding all Christian denominations, an agreement has finally been reached in the last couple of days. Rose al-Yūsif obtained the full text of the Personal Status Law for the Copts and describes...
Dr. Abd Al Mo`ti Al- Bayoumi called for establishing a new jurisprudence that can cope with the requirements of the age. The author disputes the need for this.
Should women, according to Islamic law, be allowed to travel abroad alone with the permit of her husband, father or brother or not? That’s the issue addressed in this article.
The author, director of the Institute of Strategic Studies at Al Ahram criticizes Arab states for their double standards.
The supreme guide of the Brotherhood remembers the founder’s definition of this organization.


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