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Gamal Al-Banna says that he has not denied the Sunna, but what he has been asking for is to purify the Hadiths from all that is untrue and fabricated. He recently claimed that 90% of the Hadiths are not true and do not agree with the Qur’an. Dr. Yahia Ismael says the Al-Banna has not the right...
Jordan’s Mufti Saeed Abdul Hafeez Al Hijawi ruled that female circumcision was "a noble trait" accepted by Islam, even though it was not a necessity.
The scholars of Al-Azhar harshly criticized Gamal Al-Banna for his opinions about the Hadiths and the necessity to establish new jurisprudence.
[Compilation from wires from various agencies] Muslims shuttered themselves indoors on the orders of clerics and others flocked to mosques Wednesday as earthquakes and an unseasonable hailstorm intensified eclipse unease in the Middle East.
The Jordanian government intends to amend articles providing for honor crimes in the Jordanian Penal Code, most importantly Section 1 of Article 340. The author discusses the reasons for the inclusion of this section originally and concludes by saying, "Jordanians have an Arab conservative culture...
In an interview with Al-Musawwar, Sheikh Al-Lahoni spoke about Islam’s opinions in various issues. He spoke about adultery, divorce, Muslim actresses, the explanations of the Hadiths and the veil.
Infringement on personal freedom or sound educational policy? The ban on wearing the niqab, or full face-veil, in schools has stirred intense controversy and a lengthy legal battle ever since it was issued by Minister of Education Hussein Kamel Bahaaeddin in 1994. The legal wrangle came to an end...
In a series of articles, Mr. Al-Said Ahmed Higazi attacked Dr. Al-Said Farag, a professor in Al-Mansourah University with different claims, but each time he failed to destroy him. His last attempt is that he attacked the government’s decision concerning the "naked models."
If the Muslim wife does not obey the Islamic Sharia and submit to her husband, then she will be considered "Nashez." This is quite natural to the Muslims, but when this happens to Christian wives, this is extraordinary because the Church does not agree with this sentence.
Delegations representing 75 Islamic countries and six international Islamic organizations passed recommendations urging greater inter-Islamic cooperation at the conclusion of a four-day conference last Friday [June 25, 1999].


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