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Egypt’s mufti Nasr Farid Wasel is a staunch critic of the theories proposed to update the principles of the old schools of fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence). He is particularly opposed to the leaders of this campaign, Professor Abdel Mo’ti Bayoumi and writer Gamal Al-Banna.
For the author professor Abdel Mo’ti Bayoumi, Dean of the School of Theology at Al-Azhar, was influenced by the daring writings of Gamal Al-Banna when he initiated his theory of updating the principles of fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence).
Egypt’s state theologian, Mufti Nasr Farid Wasel on April 17, denied reports that he had issued a fatwa (religious opinion) saying that it was haram (forbidden) under Islam for actresses and belly dancers to perform the hajj (Muslim pilgrimage).
The two books ’The Book and the Quran, a contemporary reading’ by Mohammed Shahrour and ’My Father Adam - the story of creation between the truth and the myth’ have such a strong resemblance that is very close to plagiarism.
The fatwa of Dr. Nasr Farid Wasel, the Grand Mufti, published lately in one of the papers stating that pilgrimage of actresses is not halal (not religiously permissible) caused a big fuss and much ado. Then the Grand Mufti denied that he released such a fatwa. Dr. Wasel wanted to stop the media...
Over the past few years, Al-Azhar has been the venue of very serious confrontations between hard-liner and moderate sheikhs and scholars. This confrontation reached a peak during a seminar where professor Abdel Mo’ti Bayoumi, Dean of the School of Theology at Al-Azhar, presented his new theory of...
The Sharia is based on Qur’an and Hadith. But most hathiths are very weak and probably are not even true, argues the author. The author describes differences within the Azhar.
After nearly two years of dithering, reported internal splits and a worldwide crackdown led by the United States, Egypt’s largest militant organization, Al-Gama’a Al-Islamiyya, issued a statement on 25 March announcing its decision to renounce anti-government violence.
In this interview Mohammed Hassan talks about the current state of Islam work worldwide and says that the existence of several Islamic groups is a healthy phenomena. He says the United States will fall down because this is God’s law. He also says that Muslims are responsible for the retardation of...
Khul’a, a new item in the Personal Status Draft Law, gives a woman the right to divorce her husband without explanation in exchange for renouncing all her rights and returning the dowry he had given for her. This interview explains the story behind the new legislation.


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