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The Islamists and others with religion high on their political agendas are no better than the liberals when it comes to Egypt's forthcoming parliamentary and presidential elections. The conservatives who control the (Muslim) Brotherhood are not the majority. They refuse to enter into dialogue with...
After a long-standing ban, stretching almost half a century, the controversial ’Awlād Hāritnā’ by Najīb Mahf?z has been published in Egypt.
The author discusses the conference held in Iran to deny the Holocaust, and wonders why there is no conference being organized to counter these accusations.
In an escalation of the Egyptian government’s crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, security authorities dealt a blow to the outlawed group’s financial muscle as it arrested a number of businessmen affiliated to the group.
The author discusses the importance of good relations between the Islamic and Western world in every field. He writes about the Westerners view of Islām. He records some points that refer to the good deeds of Islām, and how it treated many problems with the West peacefully. Finally, he calls...
The ninth Islamic Conference concluded its summit in Doha with a long detailed statement including a call to end all types of normalization with Israel, economic aid for the Palestinians and a lifting of sanctions on Iraq. The most surprising outcome of the summit was a break of hostility...
The author of the article presents excerpts of the ideas that were discussed during the meeting held in Alexandria on human rights and renovation of religious discourse.
In this interview, the minister of religious endowments warns of "foolish acts" by some Muslims, which he says could pose a real threat to the Muslim nation, stressing that the niqāb is a tradition and not a religious duty.
Nabīl Salamah advocates for the whole world to cooperate in re- reading history towards an objective point of view - towards strengthening values of peace, justice and love. These are the values common to both religions: Islam and Christianity.
Salīm al-‘Awa criticizes the abilities of the Shaykh of al-Azhar in drawing up fatwás, since he is not a specialist in Islamic jurisprudence.


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