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Nabīl Salamah advocates for the whole world to cooperate in re- reading history towards an objective point of view - towards strengthening values of peace, justice and love. These are the values common to both religions: Islam and Christianity.
Salīm al-‘Awa criticizes the abilities of the Shaykh of al-Azhar in drawing up fatwás, since he is not a specialist in Islamic jurisprudence.
In this article, the author interviews Dr. Ahmed Jaballa and asks him questions about the role that Muslims in the West can play in being better representatives of Islam.
A review of the statements made in response to statements made by Pope Benedict XVI of the Vatican in Germany which sparked anger from many Arab and Islamic countries as well as from Muslim communities in Europe. Calls were made for a clear official apology.
The foreign ministries of Islamic states expressed their deep concern about the status quo of Muslim communities living in non-Muslim countries who suffer from poverty, religious discrimination, political and social marginalization and difficult economic circumstances.
Secretary General of the OIC calls for a reconciliation between the West and the Islamic world.
Despite being accepted in the Islamic sharī‘a, the misyār marriage, in which the husband and wife do not live together, has always been a subject of heated controversy among Muslim scholars.
The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) chief has said that it is no longer possible to have dialogue between the Muslim world and Europe after the Danish cartoons crisis unless certain measures are adopted.
The 13th International Islamic Conference will be held in Cairo next May. The conference will discuss innovations in Islamic thought. The Minister of the Waqfs declared that the conference will be followed by a celebration of the Birth of the Prophet Mohammed.
On my last visit to Egypt, I noticed a genuine national revolution against religious fanaticism and terrorism, a revolution against exploiting religion that calls for love and peace. In Egypt we find love between neighbors and love of the unity of a nation in which equality in opportunities has...


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