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The race between the Salafi Da’wā and Egypt’s Ministry of Endowments has been revived after security sources reported that the Salafi currents control 12% of the mosques in Egypt – which makes more than 10,000 mosques out of a total of 110,000 supervised by the Ministry. 
Egypt's Minister of Endowments, Dr. Muhammad Mūkhtār Jūm`a said that the 26th Conference of the Islamic Affairs is to submit Egypt's anti-violence declaration to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs currently convening in the United Nations General Assembly.
Dr. Muhammad Mokhtār Jomʿa, the Minister of Religious Endowments , Al-awqāf, will be leading the Friday prayers in Salam Mosque in Sharm Al-Shaykh. The Friday sermon that will have a unified script and will be distributed all over the Egypt will focus on issues such as “the role of businessmen in...
The article talks about the second edition of Dr. Muḥammad ‘Imārah’s book which is considered incomplete as it does not include Dr. cImārah’s apology.
Dr. Aḥmad Shawqī al-Fanjarī discusses the Fatwás issued by Muftīs living in European and American countries.


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