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Political factions rejected new initiatives calling for reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood including the initiatives of the [Muslim Brotherhood led] National Coalition in Support for Legitimacy and the last initiative of Cairo University Professor Hassan Nafaa [a liberal]. Dr. Wahīd Abd al...
Dr. Ḥasan Hanafī discusses the strategies followed to deal with Islamic groups and organizations.
Majdī Khalīl discusses the forced disappearance of Coptic girls. The phenomenon is not new, however it being announced more frequently. Khalīl discusses the reasons why Coptic families are more often daring to announce the disappearance of their girls, and the reasons behind the increase of the...
Security bodies have made secret deals with Jamā‘ah Islamīyah to present them as an alternative to the Muslim Brotherhood in mosques, universities and social communities and thus to defeat them.
‘Ādil Hammūda warns against trusting repentant Islamic terrorist groups. These groups are a “danger lurking in the dark,” awaiting the opportunity to attack Egypt’s security and stability, he says.
Muntasir al-Ziyāt discusses the events and political context preceding the assassination of al-Sadāt and describes the motives of the perpetrator, Khālid Ahmad Shawqī al- ‘Islāmboulī.
The author reports on a meeting convened by the Egyptian Interior Ministry to discuss ways to prevent possible terrorist operations and notes parallel developments concerning members of alleged terrorist groups.
Ministry of Interior has refused to allow 150 Christian converts to Islam, who later returned to Christianity, to change the religious data on their identity cards back to Christianity. Kamal Zākhir Mousa argues that an extremist wing of the political elite is trying to link citizenship to...
The grand muftī of Egypt denies claims that he permitted the killing of extremist Muslims.
Sharm al-Sheikh, Dahab and Tābā were all attacked recently and the writer wonders whether it is possible to renegotiate some articles of the Camp David convention.
In his book "The Risk in the Deal Between the Government and the Groups of Violence", Abdel Rahim, a journalist for Al-Ahali, speaks about the confrontation between the government and the groups of violence and the deal between them. The book speaks about the "initiative of the Jihad organization"...
Examples of several extremists who want to use their time in prison to study for a degree. None of these studies are related to Islam. The Ministry of Interior would not tolerate this.
Dr. Hamed Abu Zayd said that the most important issue occupying his mind is the crisis of modern religious thought and the problems of the different interpretations of the Qur`an. There have been several versions of the Qur’an but one was left over and other versions of the Qur`an were burned.
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