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Dr. Shawqī Allam, the grand muftī, has denounced that armed militias have attacked one of the mosques in Baghdad, Iraq
Terrorism has proliferated in nearly all Islamic and Arab countries despite the differences between the ruling regimes. Within the Palestinian people’s resistance against the Israeli occupation, the phenomenon spread that some called “suicide bombing” and others called “martyrdom operations.”
Dr. Youssef al-Qaradawi issued a Fatwá at the Journalists? Syndicate on August 31 that kidnapping American [civilians] and killing them is a duty so that they would leave Iraq immediately. He also said that there is no difference between an American civilian and an American soldier because the...
The visit of Shaykh Qaradawi to the UK trigged angry British media responses. The Shaykh was described as an extremist, a radical and a hard-liner. Shaykh Qaradawi’s support of martyrdom operations carried out by Palestinians and his calls for punishing homosexuals were highlighted as evidence of...
Muhammad Shibl calls for the necessity to differentiate between the Qur’ān and prophetic hadīth in order to correct the image of Islam in the West.
An Azhar scholar, Dr. Ra’fat ‘Uthmān, denies Israeli newspaper Maariv reports that he issued a fatwá on the impermissibility of Palestinian martyrdom operations and that such perpetrators would end up in hell.
Absentee prayers were performed for the soul of Abou Mus‘ab al-Zarqāwī in many small Egyptian and Jordanian mosques. The Muslim Brotherhood considers him to be a martyr.
The article is on the arrest of 22 terrorists and the killing of seven during clashes between policemen and members of a group, al-Tawhīd wa al- Jihād, suspected of masterminding the Dahab and al-Joura bombings that claimed the lives of a few tourists and many Egyptians in Sinai.
The muftī of Egypt, Dr. ‘Alī Jum‘a calls for the elimination of extremism, rejects any dialogue with extremists and calls for Egyptian society to leave its current state of effeminacy and act together to defend the country.
The author suggests that the increasing number of suicide operations have not achieved their objectives and perhaps caused Islamic countries to fail to gain sympathizers, while at the same time, gaining the United States allies that used to be sworn enemies in the past.


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