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Egyptian President ‘Abd al- Fattāh al- Sīsī threatened to crush ISIS if it comes near Egypt. 
Almost 1,000 people were killed or injured in terror attacks in Egypt in 2015, with 400 attempted or successful attacks recorded in the country.
The Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary representatives held public internal elections for presidency over its parliamentary bloc.
The Egyptian security authorities have issued a statement that it is searching for three Palestinians who are suspected of sneaking into Sinai to commit terrorist attacks.
A lot of social troubles face the Egyptian government.
The National Human Rights Committee proposes ways of dealing with issues of sectarian sedition, the judges and terrorism and Sinai.
The article reports on the fierce attacks launched recently by members of the Muslim Brotherhood against President Mubārak.
After every terrorist attack, one wonders from where the terrorists obtained their explosives.
The banned Muslim Brotherhood put on the mask of democracy whenever it suits them and serves their purpose. The latest of these masks was the nomination of a woman in the coming elections, American style. Rose El-Youssef asked the Brotherhood’s nominee if the American style in the coming elections...
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