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Yemen offered the British government to exchange five British citizens jailed in Aden for the Egyptian fundamentalist, Abu Hamza Al Masri, who was said to have sent these five to Aden. It asked Britain to hand over Abu Hamza Al Masri, wanted in Yemen, to be prosecuted according to Yemeni law.
Followers and supporters of a Yemeni militant who was executed on Sunday for the kidnapping and killing of Western tourists in Yemen threatened to avenge his killing, but the Yemeni authorities dismissed these warnings as "hot air".
A car racing away from a police checkpoint in a hail of gunfire blew up with a huge explosion, killing seven people on Thursday in the central Yemen province of Ibb. Police said vehicle was apparently being used to smuggle dynamite.
Yesterday, Sunday the 17th of October, official sources indicated that the execution of Abulhassan Al-Mihdar took place. This gives the conclusion that indeed, President Saleh had endorsed the sentence, and ordered the immediate execution of the terrorist leader.
The hearing in the case of the Abyan Islamist Militants resumed last week. The group is accused of setting up an armed gang and of sabotage in main cities.
Iyad Hussein and Shahrazad Nabi, who are the two Britons who were sentenced to time served were released from prison.
With Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh about to launch his re-election campaign, a series of explosions rocked the impoverished country on Friday and Saturday [August 27 and 28, 1999]. This was a clear reminder to Saleh that his coming term - as his victory is nearly certain - will not be an...
Yemen’s Interior Minister Hussein Mohammed Arab said in remarks published Thursday that security forces had arrested 16 people on charges of planning sabotage acts in Yemen. "A group of 16 people linked to Abu Hamza Al-Masri were arrested in Sanaa. They were planning sabotage acts," the official 26...
Four people were killed and 43 were wounded a crowded market in the capital of Yemen, when a gunman threw a hand grenade and then opened fire after a Yemeni court upheld the death sentence on the leader of an Islamic militant group.
Friday, British authorities released three Islamist militants arrested four days earlier, including the leader of Ansar Al-Sharia (Advocates of Islamic Law) and Yasser Serri who was sentenced to death in absentia by an Egyptian military court in 1994 for plotting an attack against the then Prime...


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