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Interview of al-Arabi with Montasser Al-Zayat, the lawyer of Gama’at al-Islamiya. Al-Arabi accused him of maneuvering, spoke about the termination of his role and the death of the Gama’at al-Islamiya and its weakness. Zayat, instead, calls himself a mediator between the Gama’at al-Islamiya and the...
In the first major shoot-out in the capital since 1996, four militants were shot dead during a police raid in a Pyramids Road slum district.
Following one of the fiercest gun battles between Islamic militants and the police since November 1997, the Ministry of Interior announced on September 7, that its troops had shot and killed four suspected militants in their hideout on the outskirts of Giza.
Security forces detected a four-man cell led by Gamaa Islamiya commander Farid Salem Abdel Qadr Kedwani in a flat in the alleys of a slum district near the Pyramids, and moved in as a matter of routine. In the ensuing hour-long firefight the four militants were killed. Islamist lawyer Montasser Al...
Security forces on Tuesday shot and killed four suspected Islamist militants, including a key figure in the underground Al-Gama’a Al-Islamiya, at a hideout in a Giza suburb.
Egyptian security forces succeeded in finding the hideouts of four terrorists in Al-Omraniyya in Giza. The gunfight which followed ended with the death of the four terrorists, notable among whom was the famous terrorist leader Farid Kidwani.
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