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The problem between Shaykh Abdullah Rushdy [ʿAbdullāh Rushdī] and Dr. Majdī Yaʿqūb presents itself as one of the most dangerous issues facing Islamic thought. It’s the issue of passing judgment on others; on [attempting to] determine whether they will go to heaven or to hell.
Ibrāhīm Jād Allāh writes about Faraj Fūdah, his ideas and many writings. He highlights the ideals that Fūdah would write about, which eventually brought about his assassination, and stresses that Fūdah wrote about what he believed in, regardless of threats that he received.
The author responds to comments received about his earlier writings in this series and ponders the necessity of truthfulness, using an old, unpublished letter of current Pope Shenouda.
Bin Laden and his terrorist followers, who escaped from Egypt, imagined that Egypt could be a stage for their malicious operations. Their first target was to strike the symbols of the state, the cultured and the intellectuals, and to create a moral dread within Egyptians. Their second target was...
When the extremist secular Farag Foda killed himself [this is the formulation of the author. Foda was murdered. See the comments of the RNSAW in the text], Sheikh Al-Sharawi - may God rest his soul - shouted: "Allahu Akbar! If I was to kill anybody, I would have killed this man..."
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