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After the London bombings, problems have increased for Muslims in Europe. As a result, religious scholars have issue fatwas that rescind Islamic practices, such as the veiling of women, in order to bridge the divide between European and Islamic societies.
The recent London bombings promise to complicate relations between the Muslim world and the West. It has turned out that the London subway bombers were all British: three of Pakistani origin and one of Jamaican origin. Without doubt then, the losing party in these London attacks has been British...
Scotland Yard recorded 269 racist assaults against Muslims in the 3 weeks following the July 7 bombings. Most were against veiled Muslim women who were insulted and threatened with murder. British authorities have also taken steps against Islamic clerics.
A man broke into the Regent’s Park mosque in central London during the Friday sermon and threatened to blow up the mosque.
After the July 7 London bombings, Ahmad Ridā attempts to respond to the issues raised about the attitudes, culture, and living conditions of Muslims in Britain.
Estimating how many potential terrorists reside in one’s country is a highly inexact business, but there’s a striking correlation between a British government report recently leaked to London’s Times a new opinion survey commissioned by the Daily Telegraph. Drawing on unidentified "intelligence,"...
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has launched an advertising campaign to denounce acts of terrorism in the aftermath of the London suicide bomb blasts.
Two different attitudes towards Arab and Islamic communities in the West have emerged following the London bombings. The first continues to consider that Islamic communities can adapt its identity to modern concepts like democracy. The second attitude is based on anxiety and fear.
The murder of the Brazilian Jean Charles De Menezes by Scotland Yard police officers has rung an alarm bell for the world’s conscience. The accident took place after British police officers were instructed to follow a shoot-to-kill policy if they came across a person suspected of being a suicide...
Dr. Rowan Williams, the Church of England’s Archbishop of Canterbury warned that Muslims will become the scapegoat for the London bombings which have been claimed by al-Qā‘ida. Muslims and mosques in Britain have suffered assaults.


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