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The article talks about a member of al-Qa‘īdah who spies for European intelligence. This double agent gives a detailed picture and secret information about what happens inside the al-Qa‘īdah camps, as well as information on Ūsāmah Bin Lādin and his men.
The authors held an interview with the father of Muhammad al- Amīr ‘Atā who piloted one the planes which crashed into the World Trade Center. The father had previously refused to talk with any reporter.
70 fanatics in Alexandria were arrested on suspicions of belonging to al-Qā‘idah. The Islamic group claims that they are innocent of the attempt to assassinate the author Nagīb Mahfūz.
A group of 14 al- Qā‘ida suspects have been handed down prison sentences, ranging from one and a half to seven years, on charges of planning attacks against U.S. targets in Yemen.
Major General Habib Al-Adly, Minister of Interior, ordered the release of 760 extremists proved to give up terrorism.
Sources in Pakistan revealed the arrest of 40 of Osama Bin Laden’s helpers in a world-wide detention campaign in which Egypt participated. The sources affirmed that 32 were arrested last month, six of them were arrested in Egypt.
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