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The author says that al-Qā‘ida is witnessing major changes that are negatively affecting the movement. Al-Zarqāwī has managed to spread his control over all strategic, intellectual, regulatory and financial aspects of al-Qā‘ida and nothing left for Bin Lādin and al-Zawāhrī except spiritual...
Egyptian MP, Rajab Hilāl Himīda, made a shocking statement in a parliamentary session claiming that the Qur’ān incites terrorism.
Mahdī Mustafa believes that the three bombings that hit Amman’s largest hotels on November 9 have made it quite clear that neither closed borders nor security procedures can prevent terrorist bombings.
Belgian writer and political analyst, Stephan Le Norman has raised many eyebrows in the Belgian political circles when he attacked U.S. President, George W. Bush in his recent book, Al-Zarqāwī-Bush: Evil War, describing him as the incarnation of evil.
In prison, the true character of Abu Mus‘ab al-Zarqāwī was shaped. During the course of his trial, he attacked the judges and accused them of being infidels, impressing Usāma Bin Lādin and Ayman al-Zawāhrī, according to the testimony of al-Qā‘ida member, Sayf al-‘Adl, an Egyptian.
After the Cairo bombings, one tends to question whether or not random violence is a new trend? To answer, one should first denounce all forms of similar incidents. But one should not forget that the security treatment was shallow and contradictory.
Islamic websites reported severe arguments and criticism regarding the leader of al-Qā‘ida, in Iraq, Abu Muscab al-Zarqāwī. The criticisms revolved around his justifications of killing innocent Iraqi civilians during his attacks on U.S troops in Iraq. He claimed that defending or preserving...
The Jordanian Abu Mus‘ab al-Zarqāwī justified that innocent victims are killed by booby traps and suicide bombers operations, by appealing to an old fatwa , which has become widely used once again.
Whatever the topic of discussion was with one Islamist group or another, and of whatever inclination it may be; the reference is always the Brotherhood and its ideology. This unanimity includes those who passed through the organization’s branches in Syria, Jordan, Egypt etc.; or those who ‘...
Asmā’ was a happy 11-year-old girl whose childish innocent laughs used to fill every nook and cranny in the house. Even when her daddy tied her legs, she never stopped laughing. She believed that he was kidding with her. That was until she suddenly felt terrible pain in her neck.


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