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A Pakistani journalist interviewed Usama Bin Laden who said that if America used chemical or nuclear weapons against his group, they may retort with chemical and nuclear weapons. He added that the Pakistani president would be punished by the Pakistani people and Allah for cooperating with America.
The United States added the Muslim Brotherhood to its war against terrorism. On the other hand, Italy approved an American request to suspend two of the main important historical leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.
One of the consequences of the attacks of September 11 is that America is now trying to correct its image in the eyes of the Arabic and Islamic world. The American Secretary of State said that America should not give some Arabic radical groups the chance to speak of it as an anti-Muslim country.
Mohammed Al-Sharqawi, who represents the Islamic community in the British House of Lords, pointed out that the different mass media [in Britain] are keen on distorting the image of Islam and Muslims because most of them are owned by Jews. After the attacks of September 11, the media intentionally...


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