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Dr. Maḥmūd Zaqzūq, Egypt’s former Minister of Endowments and Secretary-General of the Egyptian Family House (EFH), called for a clear and comprehensive definition of terrorism to be agreed upon by all international institutions, pointing out that terrorism is an illicit use of violence aimed at...
After al-Misrīyn newspaper published its appeal to the authorities to permit the return to Egypt of the family of Rāfi' Mustafá Sayīd, known as Abū al-Miqdād and a leader of al-Qā'idah, the family arrived in Cairo yesterday. Al-Mikdad was killed in an American air raid in Afghanistan last year. 
Al-Qaeda Organization in Iraq and the Levant called upon the Muslim Brotherhood to raise arms against the state and forcefully apply Islamic sharī’ah.    
Al- Qaeda organization has called upon the Islamist youth in Egypt to start a armed jihad against ‘the military coup’. 
Analysts observing the development of the security situation in Syria stated that Khuarāsān group is working due to the regulation of the Qā’idah group.
Al- Qā’idah attacked the US Embassy in San’ā with a rocket according to a Yemeni unnamed diplomat.
‘Imād al- Dīn ‘Adīb, TV presenter and journalist, stated that there is a new project being developed by the Muslim Brotherhood in coordination with al- Qā’idah (al- Qaeda) called the Free Egyptian Army.  Camps for training this army are believed to be in Libya.  This aims at splitting  the ranks of...
  Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers in the Azhar branch in Assiut have demonstrated their power by holding paramilitary trainings inside the university campus for half an hour. A number of students appeared wearing black face masks and raised al Qaeda flag on campus. They chanted slogans promising...
The political middleman, the Salafī, is worse than the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood. They are swallowing up Egypt now, they control the villages, and the hungry, and the popular neighborhoods by their manipulation of the difficult economic circumstances, and by using Saudi Arabian money.


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