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Sāmih Fawzī presents a review of a book entitled, ‘Al-Hurrīyah fī -al-Asr Ma’zaq al-Islāh al-Siyāsī wa-al-Muwātanah’ [Bounded Freedom: The Dilemma of Politics and Citizenship] by the secular writer ‘Ādil Jindī. The book provides a definition of secularism, emphasizing the necessity of enforcing it...
The article discusses a book entitled, ‘The Martyrdom of John of Phanijoit,’ by Youhanna al-Zeituni, and the significance that this publication holds for Coptic societies in the U.S. It discusses the conversion of historical figures to Islam, and the difficulties encountered when they attempted...
Al-Qā‘idah posts a statement on the Internet threatening to bomb oil installations and foreign, particularly American, projects in Yemen.
British historian William Dalrymple denounces the policies of London and Washington, and warns of the danger of the Western discrimination against Muslims and Islām.
Rev. Andre Zakī discusses the effectiveness of intercultural and interfaith dialogue and weighs their pros and cons.
Leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland seeks apology from Muslims for the September 11 attacks and London bombings in return for the pope’s apology for his offence to Islam.
Lynn Stewart, the American lawyer representing Shaykh ‘Umar ‘Abd al- Rahmān, currently jailed in the U.S. on terror charges, received 28 months in jail for aiding terrorists.
The last two years witnessed increasing Western attacks on Islam. Muslim reactions, however, in many cases Muslims violent reactions, enforced the negative image of Islam. Nevertheless, some Muslim intellectuals called for peaceful reactions through changing the violent image of Islam by showing...
The American clergyman Franklin Graham said to an American news channel yesterday that Islam’s followers know how to "torture others," especially those who convert from Islam to other religions.
The author of the article presents a few excerpts of the works of some academics on new Zionism in Islam and Christianity and comments on some of them.


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