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Tāriq al-Zumur has filed an appeal before the court against the ministry of interior because he and his cousin ‘Abbūd remain in detention despite having completed their jail sentences in 2003.
The author reports on a meeting convened by the Egyptian Interior Ministry to discuss ways to prevent possible terrorist operations and notes parallel developments concerning members of alleged terrorist groups.
Mamdouh al-Musallami declares the rise of a new generation of terrorist networks, but some experts disagree.
The article is on the arrest of 22 terrorists and the killing of seven during clashes between policemen and members of a group, al-Tawhīd wa al- Jihād, suspected of masterminding the Dahab and al-Joura bombings that claimed the lives of a few tourists and many Egyptians in Sinai.
The article deals with the killing of a terrorist who masterminded the Dahab chain of bombings that claimed the lives of scores of Egyptians and foreigners and wounded others and the arrest of his aide.
This press review deals with the history of the al- Tawhīd Wa al-Jihād organization, which is blamed for the deadly bomb attacks on the tourist resort of Dahab in Sinai that killed a number of Egyptians and foreigners and wounded many others.
In total secrecy, the Ministry of Interior released 100 prisoners and detainees from the Gama’a Islamiya, who have completed their prison sentences and detention periods. The Ministry made the released members sign a written promise that they will rejoin the trend within the group that believes in...
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