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Many observers of the Islamic movement ruled out the possibility that Montasser Al-Zayyat has received an e-mail from Ayman Al-Zawahry because his relation with Al-Zawahry is quite bad.
Montasser Al-Zayyat, lawyer of Al-Gama’a Al-Islamiya, announced that he got an e-mail from Ayman Al-Zawahry, leader of the Jihad group, proving that Bin Laden and him are still alive and that they will continue their jihad against the US.
In a few days Ayman al-Zawāhirī, second in command at al-Qā’ida organization, will appear on tape blessing the bombings of Sharm al-Sheikh and promising more in order to destroy the Egyptian kafir [unbeliever] system. This speech will mark the end of all speculation by the security institutions,...
‘Abboud al-Zumur, former leader of the Egyptian Jihād, called for retrial after 24 years of imprisonment, in the case of Sādāt’s assassination.
The new thing about al-Qā‘ida’s second-in-command Ayman al-Zawāhirī tape aired by the Doha-based Aljazeera news channel on June 17, 2005 was that it focused on his concept of “reform,” “freedom” and “political participation.”
The French magazine Jeune Afrique published an article reporting that Ayman Al-Zawahry is the mastermind of Al-Qa´ida. The article recounts the story of his arrest in the republic of Daghastan five years ago when it was under Russian control.
The Center of Future Studies and Researches, headed by Montasser Al-Zayyat, held a seminar on the Islamic movements after September11. Ayman Al-Zawahry, whom Al-Zayyat invited to participate in the seminar via any means, did not turn up. However, his uncle participated.
Ayman Al-Zawahry celebrated the memory of the September 11 attacks by marrying two women, widows of a prominent member of the Al-Qai´da. By doing so, Al-Zawahry mocked Americans and their war against Afghanistan and proved that he is still alive.
Montasser Al-Zayyat directed an invitation via the Internet to Ayman Al-Zawahri to participate in a seminar organized by the Future Center of Studies and Researches on the Islamic movement after the September 11 attacks.
Aboud Al-Zumor, one of the imprisoned leaders of the Gama´at Al-Islamiya, denied that he objected to the peaceful tendencies of his group. He assured that he is in favor of the initiative to denounce violence, which he declared with the historical leaders of the Gama´at Al-Islamiya five years ago.


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