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Al- Nusrah Front and the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant continued their warfare despite the calls of Qa’ida leader, Ayman al- Zawāhirī, call upon them to stop fighting.
Websites run by fundamentalists published the editorial of the issue No. 60 of the ?Al- Mujahidun? publication, the mouthpiece of the Egyptian Jihad group. It is written by Ayman Al-Zawahri and speaks about Jihad.
Al-Zawāhirī discusses the conflict between Islām and atheism and the current circumstances that the Arab region is experiencing in a new video tape.
Time magazine reports that Osama Bin Laden’s second-in-command, Ayman al Zawahry, fled to Bangladesh and transferred al-Qa?ida activities to it. The magazine expressed its concern that Bangladesh might become the next target of USA military strikes
Gamal Ismail, a journalist, played an important role in the relationship between Jezira TV and the Qā‘idah organization. He wrote a book called ?I, Jezira TV, and Osama Bin-Laden.? He wrote that his experience with Jezira TV shows that Jezira TV did not aim at revealing the truth but making...
The Iranian newspaper ?Hayat No? reported that 150 members of the Taliban regime entered Iran but were arrested by the authorities. Among them was Ayman al-Zawahri. A spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry denied this news.
The Center of Historical Studies and Researches confirmed that Mullā Muhammad Omar, Osama Bin-Laden and al-Zawahri are safe and still alive. The director of the Maqrizi Center for Historical Studies in London said that all statements issued by the Center for Historical Studies and Researches are...
The article talks about a member of al-Qa‘īdah who spies for European intelligence. This double agent gives a detailed picture and secret information about what happens inside the al-Qa‘īdah camps, as well as information on Ūsāmah Bin Lādin and his men.
Majdī Khalīl discusses the forced disappearance of Coptic girls. The phenomenon is not new, however it being announced more frequently. Khalīl discusses the reasons why Coptic families are more often daring to announce the disappearance of their girls, and the reasons behind the increase of the...
The author publishes a series of articles containing the original texts of the 1981 investigations with Ayman al-Zawāhirī, al-Qā‘idah’s second-in-command, on charges of involvement in the assassination of President Anwar al-Sādāt.


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