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Suggestions of a deal between British and Egyptian authorities to exchange prisoners, including three Britons in prison in Egypt in connection to membership of Hizb al-Tahrīr and Egyptian, Abu Hamza al-Misrī, currently in jail in the U.K.
The article is about the possibilities of releasing Aboud Al-Zomor who was sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of attempting to carry out a coup and forming a terrorist group which perpetrated crimes during 1980 and 1981. The family of Aboud Al-Zomor filed a complaint before the State Council...
Well-informed Egyptian sources stated that 43 fundamentalists belonging to the banned group of Al-Jihad will appear before a military court in the coming few days. The charges directed to the defenders are related to a plan prepared by the group for attacking American and Israeli facilities among...
The article comments on the policy of the Ministry of Interior in combating terrorism in the light of the recent arrest of thirty-eight terrorists.
The Minister of Interior declared that a new Jihad cell of 25 members, including six foreigners, was arrested.
The Minister of Interior gave Al-Musawwar many statements concerning the imprisoned members of the Gama´a Al-Islamiya and the Jihad group.
The director of Al-Maqrizi Center for Historical Studies in London affirms that the number two man of the Jihad group was arrested by Iranian authorities.
The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights condemned Egyptian prison authorities for violating the rights of fundamentalist prisoners to have contact with the outside world.
Egyptian authorities released a number of leaders of the Jihad movement after making sure that they no longer have relations with Ayman Al-Zawahri, the number two man of Al-Qa’ida.
The article gives a background about fundamentalist Muhammad Sharaf, who is responsible for the legal committee of the Jihad group and who has been seized recently by Egyptian authorities.


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