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[and all other papers] The military court yesterday handed down sentences in the Jihad revival case, which includes 107 suspects 60 of which are fugitives. The court ruled the execution of nine of the suspects among whom is Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahri, head of the military wing of the Jihad group who has...
An Egyptian military court on April 10, postponed a session at which verdicts were due in the cases of 107 Muslim militants said to belong to the militant Jihad group. "Two of the judges, including Court President Brigadier Ahmed Al-Anwar, have not handled cases of Islamists before," defense...
Only 43 suspected militants out of 107 defendants listed on the indictment bill were present at the opening of the military trial on Monday of leading figures in Egypt’s second largest, but more violent, militant organization -- Islamic Jihad.
Since the setback of June 1967, the Al-Ahram paper has lost its credibility in covering Egypt’s internal affairs. 760 repentant Muslim extremists were released but stories of torture committed by police to extract confessions are frequently coming back.
In a positive reaction to the Gama’at al-Islamiya’s decision a year ago to stop violence, the Ministry of Interior released last Monday the largest number of detainees this year.
The Egyptian Police have announced the arrest of 100 members of the Muslim Brotherhood group and the Jihad (Holy War) group. Also three terrorists were hanged.
Military prosecutors are questioning more than 50 suspects, including more than a dozen extradited by other countries, in connection with the 1995 suicide bombing of the Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad which killed 16 people.
A official source in the Interior Ministry denied the existence of information about any threats from the militant group Al-Jihad to launch attacks against American targets.
Are the explosions which took place at the American Embassies in Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam a message from Ayman Al-Zuahri to Clinton?


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