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The leaders of al-Jihād discuss abandoning their ideology of domination.
Few months ago, a number of imprisoned Jihād leaders declared their renunciation of violence, shifting away from their literal approach to the interpretation of Islamic texts towards the socio-historical mode of exegesis that characterizes mainstream Islamic groups.
The author analyses recent conflicts between the West and Islamic regimes, including the recent conflict between Israel and the Hizb Allāh and asserts that ultimately the war is one of many battles to be fought between those who wish to join the modern world and those who think they have an...
In a statement published yesterday on al-Jamā‘ah al- Islāmīyah’s website, the group denied any links to al-Qā‘idah¸ indicating that Dr. Ayman al-Zawāhirī’s recent videotaped message about the alleged union between some members of the group and al-Qā‘idah "contradicts reality."
The article discusses the character of Ayman al-Zawāhirī, the second leader of al- Qā‘idah and the private doctor of Usāmah Bin Lādin.
The author presents his views on the way the west is trying to paint Islam and Muslims. He also discusses the war against Lebanon and the latest video tape from al-Zawāhirī.
Muntasir al-Zayyāt, head of the Freedoms Committee at the Bar Association, analyzes the latest video tape sent by Ayman al-Zawāhirī where he encourages the Islamic resistance in Lebanon. He also touches on the latest developments in the Middle East.
An interview with Mustafa al- Zayyāt, member of al-Jam‘āt al- Islāmīya and the main attorney defending those accused of Islamic fundamentalism, concerning Ayman al-Zawāhirī whom he knew very well from the days they spent together in al-Qal‘a Prison.
The terrorist actions carried out by Al- Qā‘ida in Iraq are destroying any chance for the Iraqi people to overcome the consequences of the US invasion and re-organize their society.
Ayman al-Zawāhrī has sent two emails to one of his old colleagues in Egypt, which have made it clear that he is afraid of losing his ideological grip on al-Qā’ida.


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