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Dr. Muhammad Habīb, the deputy Murshid of the Muslim Brotherhood, has denied reports of a deal between the banned group and the government.
A document forwarded by the neo-conservatives in the United States to President George W. Bush contained their recommendation to the US administration to deal with all the emerging mainstreams including the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, in a way to avoid having an anti-US regime in the future.
Muslim Brotherhood’s First Deputy, Dr. Muhammad Habîb, stormed out of the media conference held at the Irshād [Guidance] office last Wednesday after Dr. Nu‘mān Jumca evaded many questions about his stance on the establishment of a Muslim Brotherhood political party.
The Muslim Brotherhood has been suffering from the massive state drive to detain senior leaders and subscribers of the group. This started when students connected with the group initiated a parade at the Azhar University, which the state saw as demonstration of the group’s force toward the...
Anti-Muslim Brotherhood releases in the Egyptian press.
The author articulates some basic rules of interfaith dialogue, which he asserts should be followed by all parties.
The review deals with statements made by the deputy guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Muhammad Habīb, in which he said the passing of power to Jamāl Mubārak, the son of President Husnī Mubārak, will never be accepted by the group and it "will be over our dead bodies." The statements...
The article discusses accusations made by Muslim Brotherhood First Deputy Murshid, Dr. Muhammad Habīb, against the security authorities of killing member Kamāl al-Sanānīrī. The interior ministry stated that he committed suicide inside his prison cell.
The recent campaign of detaining a number of Muslim Brotherhood members has raised many questions about the possibility of arresting the Supreme Guide of the group, Muhammad Mahdī ‘Ākif, on charges of endangering national security and inciting the public against the government.
The author reports on the splits that recently emerged amongst Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders. He reviews the stories of the four members who resigned and the reasons behind their stance.
Nearly 480 people, including 314 members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood have been arrested on charges of organizing unauthorized demonstrations in support of the judges, who blew the whistle on election fraud.
The author criticizes the statement issued by Muslim Brotherhood’s Deputy Murshid Muhammad Habīb.
The author thinks that there is an undeclared alliance between the Brotherhood and communists, which have been opposed to one another since the establishment of the Brotherhood. The two groups have announced that it is an attempt to unite public demand for political and economic reform.
An article about the Muslim Brotherhood’s intent to establish a state that has a religious, and not civil nature, and the attitude of the Muslim Brotherhood towards the Copts.
‘Alā’ Matar accuses the Muslim Brotherhood of being ambiguous over news about their internal elections. He believes that such ambiguity hides many conflicts among members of the group.
Muhammad Habīb, the Muslim Brotherhood’s deputy murshid [guide], who had previously been reported as saying that Ayman Nour, the leader and presidential candidate of the Ghad Party, was “the closest figure to the Brotherhood”, claims that his words were twisted. He also referred to ‘secret...
The Muslim Brotherhood has declared its participation in Wednesday’s presidential elections, but divisions are growing over which candidate to support.
Thousands of protesters were in the street in Cairo, and thousands more riot police, but for a few moments the only sound was of cars rumbling by and the occasional crackle of a police radio. It was prayer time, and the slogans calling for freedom and democracy had ceased as many of the protesters...
Dr. Muhammad Habīb, Deputy Supreme Guide of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, has revealed that his group has presented the issue of their participation in the coming presidential elections to their Guidance Office. The final decision is expected next week.
Dr. Muhammad Sayyid Habīb, deputy to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide, said that the Brotherhood opposes participation in anti-Mubārak demonstrations.


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