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  Eng. Khayrat al-Shātir, deputy of the MB’s murshid (Guide), said that Egyptian youth are affected by the Western ideologies and culture and are moving far from the Islamic model.
The three major churches of Egypt condemned the statement of Khayrat Al-Shātir, MB’s Deputy Supreme Guide, and described it as an attempt to ignite inter-communal conflicts in Egypt. 
Pope Tawāḍrūs II sent a church delegation to offer condolences to President Muḥammad Mursī over the death of his sister Fātimah in funerary ceremonies that was not attended by Deputy Murshid (Guide) of the Muslim Brotherhood group Khayrat al-Shātir
Ahmad al- Mughir, known publicly as the “man of Khairat al- Shāttir” has criticized those who attack Ansār Bayt al- Maqdis after its terrorist attacks.
Muḥammad Khayrat al-Shāṭir is generally seen as the financial leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He was elected deputy to the Supreme Guide of the organization in 2003. al-Shāṭir was born May 5, 1950, in al-Daqahlīyah, Egypt. He has been active in Islamic, political activities since the...
Eng. Khayrat al-Shātir, Deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood's (MB) Murshid [Guide], said that MB are preparing for an Islamic government, aiming at the return of an Islamic State and Islamic rule of the world. Read original text in Arabic  
A document forwarded by the neo-conservatives in the United States to President George W. Bush contained their recommendation to the US administration to deal with all the emerging mainstreams including the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, in a way to avoid having an anti-US regime in the future.
The author reports on the splits that recently emerged amongst Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders. He reviews the stories of the four members who resigned and the reasons behind their stance.
Munich, the main center of the Muslim Brotherhood’s international group has become the haven of the whole Brotherhood. Munich has financial, commercial and economic ties to many Arab countries that contain Muslim Brotherhood groups.
The imminent Bar Syndicate elections caused conflicts among the Brotherhood members. The Guidance Office chose Mohammed Toson to fill the place of Mokhtar Nuh, the ex-treasurer of the Bar Syndicate, now sentenced to three years imprisonment. By doing so, it ignored Ahmed Rabie, the committee’s...
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