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The Muslim Brotherhood has been suffering from the massive state drive to detain senior leaders and subscribers of the group. This started when students connected with the group initiated a parade at the Azhar University, which the state saw as demonstration of the group’s force toward the...
In an escalation of the Egyptian government’s crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, security authorities dealt a blow to the outlawed group’s financial muscle as it arrested a number of businessmen affiliated to the group.
Egyptian papers run dozens of articles on a variety of subjects directly or indirectly related to the Muslim Brotherhood’s military-style rally at Azhar University’s campus. Analysts and commentators saw the Brotherhood’s military-style protest from various, but still close, perspectives, with...
Photos of the military-style parade staged by the Muslim Brotherhood at al-Azhar University raised alarm in the Egyptian press that the Muslim Brotherhood was forming a militia.
Bilāl al- Dawwī expects a "bargain" between the supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Mahdī ‘Ākif, and the Egyptian government after he was denied the right to go on a ‘umrah a few weeks ago. He also discusses recent financial difficulties facing the group and which he says are...
The author writes about an iftār banquet hosted by the Muslim Brotherhood group in which the invited number of public dignitaries could reach 1700.
The author reports on the splits that recently emerged amongst Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders. He reviews the stories of the four members who resigned and the reasons behind their stance.
The article reports on disputes among the Muslim Brotherhood over its stance towards the judges’ crisis and the idea of establishing a political party.
The danger of Khayrat al- Shātir, the most powerful decision-maker of the Muslim Brotherhood, lies not only in his wealth and his total control over the group’s money, but also in his belongingto a group called "the extremist Qutbīyun" or the followers of the extremist thinker Sayyid Qutb.
The article gives an account and a brief history of the most influential contemporary figures of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, particularly those in the Irshād [Guidance] Office.
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