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Presidential candidate Sabāhi stated that there is no possibility for reconciliation with those who call for violence and terrorism.
The Administrative Court headed by Counselor Ahmad Qishtah ruled to postpone the lawsuit demanding to drop the ban on the assets of the Muslim Brotherhood Association.
  A committee tasked with appraising the monetary assets of the Muslim Brotherhood released its decision to freeze the funds of the sons of Mahdī ʿAkaf, the former Supreme Guide of the Brotherhood, as well as nine other individuals who were proven to be connected to the organization. The decision...
  Egyptian human rights groups slammed the Muslim Brotherhood at an assembly of the UNHRC, the purpose of which was to review the state of human rights in Egypt. The Egyptian interim-Minister of Justice Ibrāhīm Muhinīdī addressed the assembly which included delegates from 125 nations in addition to...
The Administrative Court decided to refer 12 cases, pertaining to removing the Egyptian nationality from runaway Muslim Brotherhood leaders, to the Commissioners’ Board in the Council of State.
Former Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zidān has described the Muslim Brothers as hypocrites and that they say something and do something else
Dr. Taha Awadayn al- Ikrimī, member of the public bureau of the international union for the youth of al- Azhar and Sufis, stated that the Muslim Brotherhood aimed at eradicating the Sufis of the Azhar as they were believed to be more dangerous in the ideological conflict of the Brothers against the...
A split faction of the Muslim Brotherhood announced its intention to form a new political party “Free Justice”.
A media campaign is launched against the April 6th group.
A Muslim Brotherhood affiliated group has announced a formation of a “parallel revolutionary government” headed by officer Tāriq al–Juhary


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