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Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood complained to the International Criminal Court in Den Haag about human rights violations committed by the Egyptian government.
The former chairman of the Egyptian State Security Court, ‘Amr ‘Abd al-Rāziq, sent a request to Great Britain to pursue the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.
General Jamāl Abd al- Barī the General Director of the Egyptian Interpol stated that the Egyptian security forces started pursing Muslim Brotherhood leaders requested in judicial cases who have escaped to Qatar.
Al- Shurūq newspaper tracks the second exodus of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders.
International pressures on Qatar has succeeded to make it change its policies towards the Muslim Brotherhood
Yesterday, alleged members of the Muslim Brotherhood have protested using flags of ISIS in Friday’s protests.
General Khalīfah Haftar, head of the land troops in the Libyan army, stated that he “shall not leave one member of the Muslim Brotherhood on Libyan soil”. 
Several British banks have frozen over 300 leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood’s bank accounts.
Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers of Al-Azhar students have attacked the security forces in front of the administration building with fireworks which led the forces to respond with tear gas. 
  Islamist figures have deemed the Muslim Brotherhood and Ansār Bayt al- Maqdis group responsible for yesterday’s attack  against the security forces responsible for securing al- Azhar student dormitories.


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